Pupil Leadership

Oue Junior Road Safety Team ask car drivers to stop idling!

At St Mary's we encourage pupils to be part of the everyday leadership of our school.

School Council

Our School Council comprises of two elected members from each class. The school council organises a charity event each term. The members also find out the views of their class on school development topics.

Play Leaders

Our Play Leaders apply for their roles and are responsible for leading play activities for KS1 pupils every lunchtime. Our Play Leaders ensure break times are happy and active.

Faith Council

Our daily collective worship is planned and led by our Faith Council.

Safeguarding Team

A team of children from across the school meet regularly with the deputy headteacher to make sure our school is a really safe and happy place.

Junior Road Safety Officers

A team of children in Year 4 that work with the support of the Suffolk county council to promote road safety across the school