Our Board of Governors

 St Mary’s Church of England Primary School is an academy run by the St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Multi Academy Trust (MAT). The Directors of the MAT have delegated responsibility for running the academy to the Local Governing Body, as set out in the Scheme of Delegation dated 1 February 2016. Details of the MAT governance can be found here. The funding agreement with the MAT can be found here.

The Local Governing Body comprises:

  • 8 general members appointed by the MAT Directors, of whom one is normally the Rector of St Mary’s church;
  • Up to 2 staff members who are employed by the school, usually elected by school staff and appointed by the MAT Directors;
  • 2 parent members, elected by parents of registered pupils at the school;
  • The Headteacher;
  • Up to 2 members co-opted by the MAT Directors.

With the exception of the Headteacher and the Rector, members are appointed for 4 years, and people who are co-opted serve for 1 year at a time. 

  Our Governing Body


Governor Type

Term From

Term To


Ms Catherine Barratt




Sub Clerk

Joy Stodart





Justine Berkeley

Co-opted governor

22 Nov 2018

22 Nov 2022


Mrs Sophie Bingham

Appointed governor

17 Mar 2022

17 Mar 2026


Miss Veronica Howe

Appointed governor

01 Feb 2020

31 Jan 2024


Lucy Jackson

Parent governor

01 Apr 2021

31 Mar 2025


Elaine Mayhew

Co-opted governor

01 Feb 2019

31 Jan 2023


Sarah Ager

Appointed governor




Ambra Carretta

Appointed governor




Fr. Nigel Prior

Foundation Ex-Officio (FGB)




Mrs Karen Read





Zoe Reavill

Parent governor

01 Apr 2021

31 Mar 2025


Mrs Sarah Lankester

Staff governor




Chris Patten

Appointed governer




Recently retired governors:

Mrs Lizzy Welsh   Retired 31 January 2023 Elected (staff)
Mr Stephen Cole   Retired 1 September 2022 Trustee
Mr Michael Moll   Retired 31 August 2022  
Mrs Virginia Spray 26 Mar 20 Retired 1st September 2021 MAT Directors
Mr William Herbert 1 Feb 16 Retired 1st February 2021 MAT Directors
Mrs Lucy Overton 1 Feb 16 Retired 1st December 2020 MAT Directors
Mrs Alison Wilson 1 Feb 16 Retired 1st Jan 2021 Elected (staff)
Rev Canon Kevan McCormack             1 Feb 16 Retired 13 Feb 20 MAT Directors (Rector of St. Mary's ex officio)
Mrs Anne Wright 1 Feb 16 Retired 13 Feb 20 MAT Directors


Attendance at meetings 2021-2022
Governor 16/09/2021 02/12/2021 13/01/2022 17/03/2022 10/05/2022 07/07/2022   Monitoring
Justine Berkeley (Chair) P P P P P P    
Michael Moll(V.Chair) AB P P AB P AB    
Elaine Mayhew(V.Chair) AB P P AB P AB    
Karen Read(Head) P P P P P P    
Veronica Howe(SEND) P P P P P P    
Lizzy Welsh P AB AB AB AB AB    
Lucy Jackson P P P P P P    
Zoe Reavill AB P P P AB AB    
Sophia Bingham(Observer) - - - P P AB    
Christopher Patten(Observer) - - - - - P    
Ambra Caretta(Observer) - - - - - P