Friends of St Mary’s


About Friends…

Friends meet once every half term to organise fund raising events.

We are made up of Mums and Dads from every year group in the school and being a Friend is great way to meet other parents.

When our meetings come to an end we often head for the local pub and put the world to rights! The word “friends” describes us perfectly and we are always thrilled to welcome new friends…

Mission Statement

Friends of St Mary’s Woodbridge (registered charity 1071029) is a non-profit parent-teacher organisation – membership consists of all parents, legal guardians, governors, teachers and staff at St Mary’s.

Our mission is to raise funds through fun and profitable activities in a safe and friendly environment. We aim to support the purchase of supplemental materials, equipment and experiences to promote the:

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Educational
  • Sporting
  • Creative

development of the children.

In doing so, we hope to encourage social interaction and parent and community involvement in our school.


FUND raising events

We aim to put the “fun” into fund raising! Our events range from buzzing beetle drives to laid back BBQ’s and from cake stalls to quiz nights. Raising money to buy lovely things for the children is a fantastic by-product of organising events where children, parents, carers, staff and the wider community can come together and have a great time.

If you would like to get involved or want any more information, please contact us.