Pecuniary Interests 2022/23

Governor's Name Interest Company or Business Nature of Company's Business Connection or Interest
Justine Berkeley SBM Services -  Director School Businees Management Provides consultancy to the school
Lizzy Welsh RESIGNED NIL    
Sarah Lankester (Staff) NIL    
Bill Herbert RESIGNED NIL    
Ambra Caretta NIL    
Michael Moll RESIGNED SCC   Employee
Sarah Ager NIL    
Sophie Bingham NIL    
Veronica Howe NIL    
Lucy Overton RESIGNED NIL    
Karen Read (School Head) NIL    
Elaine Mayhew (V/Chair) NIL    
Chris Patten      
Lucy Symonds NIL    
Virginia Spray RESIGNED Greg Spray Consultancy Consultancy & Business Development Company Secretary. Husband's business (ended Sep 2020)
Zoe Reavill NIL    
Elizabeth Cooper Open Reach Telecoms Employee
Elizabeth Cooper   Carpenter, Construction Husband, Alan Cooper, Director
Justine Berkeley SBM Services Ltd Business Management Consultancy Owner/Director
Father Nigel Prior Local Charity   Governor

 Updated 4/02/2021

Pecuniary Interests Specific Events Register


Autumn Term         NIL
Spring Term NIL
Summer Term NIL
Autumn Term  



There are no employees within St Edsmundsbury and Ipswich Diocesan MAT that earn over £100 000. Full details of accounts can be found here: