School council

St Mary’s have a school council of elected representatives so that the views of the children can be incorporated into the ongoing development of the school.


Elections are held once a year, in September, by secret ballot and each class member has to vote for one boy and one girl to be their class representatives. Mr Leese announces the new School Council members in assembly and each representative is presented with a badge (which they get to keep at the end of the year).


Each class has a weekly class council meeting and then the class representatives feed their ideas back to the School Council. The School Council have weekly meetings with Mrs Martin, which the year 6 representatives chair. Every half term the Year 6 representatives meet with Mr Leese to discuss the issues that have been raised.


So far this year we have been thinking about raising money for Children In Need. We are all going to dress up as famous people and School Council are running a cake stall at break time. We have also been discussing: playtime equipment, organising dinner queues, Choice Time and Football goals.