Chair Jeremy Steventon-Barnes
Vice Chairs       Elaine Mayhew, Michael Moll
Link  Alison Wilson
Safeguarding  Veronica Howe
SEND Jonathan Cope
G&T Michael Moll
Numeracy Di Russ
Music Anne Wright
Science Di Russ
Humanities Jonathan Cope
PE Lucy Overton
Literacy Elaine Mayhew
RE  Rev. McCormack, Di Russ
PSHE Veronica Howe     
Art / DT Josie Hogg
Languages Michael Moll 
Computing Elizabeth Cooper
Pupil Premium Elaine Mayhew



The Governing Body delegates some work to committees.

Finance / Premises:
Bill Herbert (Chair), Jeremy Steventon-Barnes, Anne Wright, Karen Read

Hearings and Appeals:
Committees can be appointed if required.

Pupil Discipline:
Josie Hogg, Elaine Mayhew, Veronica Howe

Veronica Howe, Bill Herbert, Anne Wright, Karen Read

Anne Wright, Di Russ, Karen Read, Josie Hogg, Elaine Mayhew

Performance Management:
Anne Wright, Elaine Mayhew, Veronica Howe

Anne Wright, Elaine Mayhew, Michael Moll, Veronica Howe, Karen Read

Health & Safety:
Anne Wright, Josie Hogg, Alison Wilson