Extra-Curricular Clubs

Before School Club

Tuesday           Woodwind Whistlers Y3-6

Friday             Choir Y3-6

Lunchtime Clubs

Monday           Japenese Y3-4

            Digital Leaders - Y5-6



Thursday        Fusion Band  Y3-6

                           Code Club computing Y5

Friday              Raspberry Pi computing Y6

After School Clubs

Monday        Athletics Y5-6 

                        Creative Club YF-Y2

                        Chess Club  Y4


Wednesday Inspire Sports Y5-6

                        Gardening Club YF-6 (YF-Y2 with an adult)

Thursday     Inspire Sports Y3-4

Friday           Tennis Y2-6 

                        Just 42 Kidz Club YF-6


Farlingaye Concert on 13th March 2019: listen to the music for mango walk below:

Farlingaye Concert on 13th March: Listen to the music for Brazil below:

Farlingaye Concert on 13th March: Listen to the music for Tequilla here:

Choir: enjoy and practice the signed version of Believe here