Pecuniary Intrests

Governors Name Intrest Company or Bussiness Nature of Company's Bussiness Connection or Intrest
Cope Jonathan NIL
Wilson Alison(Staff SLT) NIL
Steventon-Barnes Jeremy (Chair) British Telecom Provider of telephone and broadband services Employee
Mrs H Steventon-Barnes Spouse employed as teaching assistant at school
Herbert Bill (Chair if Fin) NIL
Hogg Josie (Staff) NIL
Moll Michael Suffolk LA Raising The Bar Employee
Russ Di (Staff) NIL
Howe Veronica NIL
Leese James (Head) Suffolk Schools Forum Diocesan Member
McCormack Kevin NIL
Mayhew Elaine (V/Chair) NIL
Overton Lucy NIL
Wright Anne NIL
Witmore Catherine NIL