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Remote Learning

Welcome to our remote learning page. Remember you can contact the class teacher through the class e-mail account at any time or for a more direct response e-mail or phone the office:     01394 383649

We want to help you so please do contact us whenever you need to.

St Mary's Remote Learning Information for Parents and Carers

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Remote Learning Plans 1.03.2021

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Maths Club for Years 5 and 6

Miss Irving is inviting all Years 5 and 6 to attend her virtual maths club. 

For week one I am setting this live challenge from NRICH 
Can you match the carroll and venn diagrams up and explain to me why you know that you are correct? Can you extend the challenge by creating another pair of diagrams for the same shapes? Or maybe you could add a shape to all of them instead? 
I hope to see some of your ideas in the Maths Club tray. I will look in this every Thursday afternoon, however there is no rush and you don't have to complete every challenge if you don't want to. Look out for next week's activity! 
Miss Irving

Children's University

Children's University is a great way for children to participate in a wide range of activities. If enrolled in the Children's University, children can collect merits but anyone can participate without collecting merits. Feel free to e-mail any completed activities you wish to share with your class teacher.

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